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by | Mar 4, 2014 | Healthcare

Working with sharp, pointed objects can be dangerous. In the beginning, all needles were sharps. The only safety measure was the individual’s own care in handling them. An individual who saw syringes for sale could only expect these items had little to know protection. At most, they had something to put over the needle’s tip. In some cases, a piece of cork would suffice.
Those days have ended. Health care professionals have sought and gotten some measure of protection against needle tips. This includes both legislation and devices designed to accomplish this. Today, syringes for sale can include traditional injection needles or hypodermics, but they can also be safety syringes.
What is a Safety Syringe?
Safety needles are those who have been “safety-engineered.” They originated in around 1989 and BD Medical is often associated with the invention. Safety syringes are commonly employed by health care professionals around the world to provide protection to workers. Injection needles, they come in all sizes and shapes. Medical professionals can employ them in both subcutaneous and intramuscular injections. What differentiates them from the traditional type of syringe is the application or incorporation of some form of safety device.
The Purpose of Safety Syringes
The use of safety syringes is to prevent any physical or physiological harm to whoever uses it. A safety needle prevents:

  • Accidental needle pricks or sticks that can cause a cut or bruise
  • Prevents the accidental spread of an infectious blood borne disease or pathogens from exposure through a needle prick
  • The spreading of disease through multiple uses

Safety Injection Devices
Today, many companies manufacture safety injection devices. The various designs help to protect the workers in the health care profession from potential injury and the possibility of becoming infected with a blood borne pathogen. Among the specific design types of safety syringes for sale currently are:

  • Needleless
  • Sliding sheathe
  • Sliding sleeve
  • Needle guards
  • Retractable needles or syringes
  • Pre-filled syringe

Many of the sleeves, sheathes or guards can actually lock into position to prevent accidental loosening or falling off of the needle. Some are single-use needles. These provide safety for the users from infection, hence helping to prevent the spread of diseases such as HIV and hepatitis.
Syringes for sale used to indicate traditional needles up until the late 1980s. Since then health care workers have fought for and achieved safer devices. These include safety syringes. They help prevent medical workers from contracting health problems from simply doing their job. Wondering where to find bulk and reasonable prices Syringes For Sale? Why not try us. At Bulk Syringes, we provide you with the amount you want. See what we have to offer at

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