It Is A Question Of Volume: The 3 Ml Syringe

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Syringes come in a variety of different sizes. They have needles that vary in width and length. They have different uses although, essentially, any syringe is a piece of medical equipment for injecting liquids into or withdrawing them from a body cavity, blood vessel or tissue. When it comes to categorizing needles according to volume, there are two basic choices: milliliters (ml) or cubic centimeters (cc). What, then does this say about a 3 ml syringe in terms of capacity or volume?
Capacity and Volume
Capacity for a needle or syringe refers to the amount of fluid it can contain. If the volume is considered, a syringe may be measured in ml. When it comes to equating it with another volume measurement – cubic centimeters, the two are equated if the material under discussion is water or a similar liquid e.g. liquid medication. As a result, a 3 ml syringe holding the same volume as a 3 ml one does.
While most syringes tend to measure their capacity in ccs, others indicate the required or stated volume in ml or, in some cases, in teaspoons. In this system of measurement, a 3 ml syringe would be the equivalent of just over ½ tsp.
Calibration is the means through which an exact amount is indicated on the barrel of the syringe delivering the medication. They are on the side in black print with both long and short calibrations to separate and indicate specific volumes. The short calibration marks are indicative of tenths of a ml. The longer calibrations mark off the various volumes of a 3 ml syringe. These will indicate the following measurements:

  • ½
  • 1
  • 2
  •  3 ml

A 3 ml syringe does not contain markings extending beyond the 3 ml mark.
Market Presence
A 3 ml syringe is one of the most common types available. Most medical syringes come in sizes from 3 ml to 120 ml. The same was applicable to the old-fashioned glass syringes, remnants of an older era. Today, plastic has replaced glass. Most syringes are disposable, plastic, pre-sterilized and come wrapped in sealed containers.
While you may require a 3 ml syringe, not all such syringes are suitable for all purposes. It is important to take into consideration another significant factor in selecting the right syringe. This is needle gauge and length. Without taking these aspects into consideration, you could wind up with the right volume, but the wrong syringe for your needs. Are you looking for a 3 ml Syringe? Do you need them in bulk? At Bulk Syringes, we sell syringes and needles of all sizes and types. See our products and services at