Helping Fort Myers, FL. Residents Pursue a Wrongful Death Claim

Technology has made automobiles safer today than they have ever been. There are sensors that alert drivers when there are vehicles or other objects in their blind spot. Many vehicles come equipped with rear and side cameras that help clarify a driver’s vision of what is going on around them. Still, because of human error and unforeseen occurrences, accidents happen.

In some cases, the accident can be so severe that a person is left with serious injuries or may even lose their life. In these cases, a wrongful death attorney in Fort Myers, FL. may be able to provide their clients with important information, especially if their goal is to file a lawsuit against the individual responsible for the accident. An attorney may be able to walk their client through the claim process, explaining each step that they will need to follow.

Wrongful death claims are two claims in one. First, a person has the wrongful death action. This means that they are filing a claim for the losses they sustained because their family member is no longer with them. Second, there is what is referred to as a survival action. This is where the surviving family members receive compensation for what the victim suffered in the moments leading up to their death.

Wrongful death cases are complicated and require the assistance of a wrongful death attorney in Fort Myers, FL. What seems fair and just to an individual who is not familiar with the law may have no bearing on actual legal proceedings.

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