Here’s How to Know If an Arts Management Graduate Program Is Right For You

If you have a love or talent for art but want to study the business side of the industry, then you should consider attending an arts management graduate program. These educational programs are for those who have already earned a bachelor’s degree in art or in other fields who want to learn about how art programs and organizations run as a business or non-profit. Below, you can learn more about arts management graduate programs so that you can decide if they are the right choice for you.

What Do You Learn in Arts Management?

Generally, arts management programs center on topics related to how to manage the business interests of art organizations. For example, you might study business decision-making strategies, fundraising means, and marketing strategies. You could also learn about grant writing, which is applying for money grants for art projects or organizations. Budgeting, financial management, and board development are also topics you learn about in graduate-level programs.

Internship Possibilities

Some arts management graduate programs also let you complete an internship so that you can gain important real-world skills in managing art organizations. Internships will depend on your specific program, but you might intern at an art gallery, museum, or a non-profit art center.

What Careers Can I Pursue?

With a master’s degree in arts management, you could pursue a career as a fundraising director who works to bring an inflow of investments into an organization. You could also become a theatre manager or a production manager. Other career choices include a marketing strategist who focuses on the art world or an arts consultant.

To further explore the world of arts management and learn about your graduate degree options, go and visit School of the Art Institute of Chicago.