Hiring A Child Custody Attorney In Bisbee For Your Trial

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A Child custody attorney in Bisbee assists you in regaining your rights as a parent. In a divorce trial once the divorce proceedings have concluded, the issues of child custody is addressed. A hearing is scheduled and both sides present their arguments. In the end, the judge renders a final decision. He or she determines where the child’s best interests lie. For this reason, it is critical that you hire an attorney who will present you as the better choice.

After the Divorce Trial

Divorces that lead to a trial are handled separately than child custody cases. In legal proceedings, child custody is addressed in a hearing after the divorce is settled. The attorneys for both you and your former spouse present evidence and clarification to determine who should receive custody. Your own attorney advocates your rights as a parent to assist you in receiving the level of custody that is appropriate for you. He or she must present a compelling argument that persuades the judge to agree with your side of the argument.

Child Custody Lawyer

Law Offices of Joseph Mendoza assist you throughout your divorce trial. This attorney steps up to the plate within the next phase in which child custody is addressed. He builds a strong case for you and presents key evidence that shows that you are the best choice to receive child custody. The attorney protects your interests and those of your child throughout these proceedings. To hire this attorney to help you within a child custody battle, contact his office today and schedule an appointment.

Your Child custody attorney in Bisbee stands at your side during one of the most difficult battles of your life. He or she utilizes the circumstances of your divorce to create a strong case to present to the judge. In these case, your attorney shows the judge why, in fact, you are the right choice to receive child custody. Your attorney presents facts about how you can provide stability, love, and a good home for your child. This attorney fights for your rights as a parent to acquire the level of custody that you desire that is within the best interests of your child.