Information About Dental Implant in Dubuque

by | Mar 14, 2014 | Dentist

When you are looking at getting a Dental Implant in Dubuque, you probably have a number of questions about how this permanent addition to your mouth would actually work. Dental implants are increasingly used today as a solution for single missing teeth, groups of missing teeth, or even as full replacement dentures for those who need them.

So many adults today have lost a tooth or teeth because of accidents, tooth decay, or some other cause that a permanent replacement is definitely an attractive idea, but you may be wondering how it is actually possible. A dental implant is similar in concept to dentures since it replaces a missing tooth or missing teeth, with dentures it is necessary to create a device that snaps into place and may use teeth on either side of the missing tooth to keep the dentures in place. With a dental implant, your oral surgeon actually surgically places the replacement tooth in the mouth, anchoring it to the jaw bone. The metal used in a dental implant is titanium, which is incredibly strong as well as being light weight enough not to cause any problems in your mouth.

The titanium actually fuses into your jawbone. Once this implant is in place, it will not move. It will be very much like your original tooth. Just as your original tooth was attached to your jaw via the roots, your replacement tooth is attached to your jaw through the titanium fusing. One of the things that is particularly attractive to many dental implant patients is that they never have to worry about their implants showing tell tale signs of being fake.

With dentures and bridges, you always run the risk of the device becoming loose or even totally dislodging from the mouth. You will not experience these types of problems with Dental Implants. You can, in fact, treat your dental implants very much like you treat your other teeth. Your dentist and oral surgeon will give you some recommendations for the care of your dental implants. With proper care you can expect them to last many years or even for the rest of your life.

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