Hiring A Roofing Contractor in St. Louis

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If your home is starting to show signs of wear and tear from weather related issues, it may be a good idea to begin assessing the problems and set up a plan for getting things repaired. When it comes time to have your roof replaced, there are some things to consider before hiring a Roofing Contractor in St. Louis area. You will need to know how many layers of shingles that you currently have on your home. Roofers can only put a few layers on top of each other before they will have to tear off the existing layers. You will need to know how long it has been, since you have had a new layer put on. A roof should last at least 15-20, however there are certain conditions that can alter the life of your roof such as leaks that have not been repaired properly or inadequate ventilation.

A Roofing Contractor in St. Louis can come out to your home and give you a quote on a new roof. They will determine if the roof can be shingled over, or what they call a re-roof. Sometimes it is necessary to do a tear off. That is where the shingles are striped off. After the shingles are stripped off, new felt is laid on top of the bare plywood. Shingles are laid down on the felt and nailed down to the existing plywood. If any of the plywood is damaged from being exposed without shingles, there could be damage to it. Sometimes plywood sheets or sections need to be replaced. The Roofing Contractor will let you know if they suspect that condition when they give you an estimate. They will give you a plywood price based on the cost of each piece. They may not be able to tell how much plywood you will need until they tear off the existing shingles. They will also determine the price of the roof based on the pitch of the roof. The steeper the roof the more it will cost to have it done. Shingles come in various grades and longetivities. Your contractor can advise you on which ones are best and how long they should last. Roofing is important to the life and health of your home, and should not be skimped on. For more info, visit Castle Rock Remodeling.