Hiring A Worker’s Comp Lawyer In Bellingham, WA After A Denial

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A Worker’s Comp Lawyer in Bellingham, WA helps you file a new claim for these benefits after you are injured. On-the-job injuries are typically the result of faulty equipment, slips and falls, or direct injuries while performing job duties. When you are injured, your employer is required to file a claim through their worker’s compensation insurance. This insurance policy provides you with coverage for medical treatment due to these injuries and affords you with a percentage of your pay if you sustain a long-term injury. To discuss your case with an attorney contact Robinson and Kole today.

When You are Denied Benefits

The process required for you to acquire worker’s compensation benefits requires that you visit a medical facility to acquire a diagnosis for your injury. Some insurance carriers require that you visit doctors selected by them to receive medical attention. Unfortunately, some unethical insurance companies utilize their ties to these doctors to deliberately deny benefits. When this is the case, you need a second opinion to gather evidence that supports the severity of your injuries.

Local Worker’s Comp Attorney

The Law Offices of Robinson and Kole present you with legal representation when you are denied benefits. These personal injury attorneys advocate your rights in these legal matters to fight for compensation. They provide diligent services to establish the severity of your injuries and present a judge with credible evidence. If you are ready to hire an attorney, contact the law offices of robonson and kole today or visit their website at Robinsonkole.com for further details.


Your Worker’s Comp Lawyer in Bellingham, WA provides you with an avenue to fight against insurance companies that refuse to present you with benefits. In this battle, they present strong medical evidence to back up your claim and provide a judge with proof that the denial was unlawful. In some cases, it is necessary to present further medical evidence than that acquired initially. When this is the case, your attorney advises you to visit your own doctor to receive a more accurate diagnosis. To consult an attorney about your denial of benefits contact the law offices of robonson and kole.