Why Smart Groups Choose a Bus Charter in NYC

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It is always challenging to arrange an outing for a group of people. The task is to get everyone to the destination safely and comfortably, and keep them all entertained. Fortunately, the professionals at Panorama Tours, Inc. can provide a bus charter in NYC to please any group. In addition, their services offer advantages that include:

VARIETY:  Charter professionals can efficiently arrange Casino Tours to the Atlantic Club, the Tropicana, Bally’s, the Golden Nugget, and Ceaser’s, among many other favorite destinations. They are equipped to handle group ski trips, senior citizen outings, and university group jaunts. Experts can coordinate one-night or overnight trips to a variety of locations, for groups that include religious organizations, clubs, community organizations, and more.

SAFETY:  Passengers can relax while traveling in a professionally-driven coach. Drivers are highly trained and safety conscious. Guests do not have to worry about dangerous roads, heavy traffic, or driving when they are tired. In addition. all coaches are carefully inspected before every trip, and are maintained on a strict schedule.

COMFORT:  When groups choose a bus charter in NYC, they enjoy getting to their destination. Today’s coaches provide comfortable, reclining seats. They also offer TV’s with video and/or DVD’s, as well as audio systems with CD players. Coaches also offer lavatories, PA systems, luggage compartments, GPS, and a telephone. Buses are spacious, and available in sizes that accommodate 49 or 55 passengers. Clients can also arrange to rent wheelchair-accessible buses.

RELIABILITY:  Professional tour businesses offer proof of liability and workmen’s compensation insurance, on request. They carry all required certifications and insurances.

CLEANLINESS:  Every motor coach is thoroughly cleaned after each use. Floors are mopped, windows washed, and lavatories  carefully cleaned and sanitized.

EASY ARRANGEMENTS:  Customers can quickly get a quote for their planned trip, via the Web. In addition, they can fax, email, or phone for information. Once they make a reservation, they will receive a confirmation, and then simply need to pay a deposit, in order to hold their reservation.

Many groups choose charter bus services when they want to take a one-day or overnight outing.  Among other reasons, the service is popular because modern coaches are comfortable and provide a host of amenities. Passengers also enjoy the safety, reliability, and cleanliness that this mode of travel offers. Visit website to read more.