How Does the Dentist in Knoxville TN Perform a Root Canal on Your Tooth?

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When many people hear they are going to need a root canal, they begin to feel nervous. Though a root canal may sound like a scary experience, the process is fairly straightforward. If your dentist makes the decision that you need a root canal, it is because your tooth has become damaged and the structure and stability are no longer viable. To help you prevent tooth loss, the dentist may perform a root canal to remove decay and infection from your tooth. How Does a Dentist in Knoxville TN Perform a Root Canal?

The process of having a root canal first involves you being injected with Novocaine. This injection will prevent you from experiencing any pain or discomfort while your root canal is performed. The dentist will ensure you are fully numb before beginning the procedure. To perform the procedure, an opening will be made in the tooth. This small opening will be used to remove all of the inner portions of your tooth, including your nerve. The removal of the nerve is one of the biggest aspects of a root canal and will stop any pain you have been feeling. The dentist in Knoxville TN will work to completely clean out the inside of your tooth, making sure no residue, tissue, or infection is left behind.

In instances where there is infection present, the dentist will pack the tooth with medication before sealing it off permanently. The process for healing from the infection may take a few weeks. During this time you will wear a temporary filling, that will later be replaced with a permanent filling. If after the root canal, your tooth is still unstable, the dentist may make the decision to cover your tooth with a crown. This will further strengthen your tooth and prevent damage. After a root canal, you may feel a little soreness, but that will only be temporary. Once you are healed, you should no longer feel pain in the tooth. If you are in need of a root canal, contact the Dr. Eades. For more information visit Domain. They can offer you many different dental services to keep your smile healthy and looking beautiful.