How Furniture Stores in Derby, KS Can Help You Make the Most of a Small Space

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Furnishing an apartment or small house can be challenging. However, with good advice from furniture experts, you can make the most of your living space with high-quality furniture. With a combination of furniture that is designed for apartments, condos and small houses and accessories that make your rooms appear larger than they are, you won’t feel like there isn’t enough room for you to move around in your own home.

The most important thing to remember when you are furnishing a small home is to use all of your available space for something. If you have space that seems like it is too small to be usable, consider installing one or more shelves to make a desk nook. Use contrasting colors in rugs and wall hangings to make rooms appear larger. If you have a large window in your small room, allow as much light as possible into your home to expand the appearance of the space.

If you are relocating for a larger home, you may not be able to fit all of your furniture into the smaller space. Consider shopping at Furniture Stores in Derby, KS to find a compact sofa for your living room so that you can bring along a chair and coffee or end table. An armless sofa can give you even more space. You can also organizing your living room so that your furniture makes the room seem larger. Choose a sofa with exposed space underneath to make you living room look bigger than it is. Furniture can also be used as a border when you don’t have a wall between you living and dining room.

For a small bedroom, choose furniture that has more than one purpose. For example, a bed that has drawer space can eliminate your need for a separate dresser. Furniture Stores in Derby, KS such as Cherry Orchard Furniture carry a range of furniture that is designed for small spaces and can help you maximize your limited space. To create a visual image of additional space, consider a bed with a tall headboard or a four-poster bed that draws the eye upward.