How Inventory Management Software Is Vital To Your Business

Inventory management system software is vital to any business that operates a warehouse or storage facility. It can greatly reduce the time it takes to monitor your items, not to mention that it can also save you time and money in the process. By seeing exactly what you have in your inventory, you can see what stock you need. This will prevent you from purchasing extra products you don’t need. This is a great way to make sure you get the sales and warehouse space you need to achieve success.

Controlling Your Assemblies

Assemblies are a set of components that make up one inventory item. These can be set up in your software, and it can all become automated.  You don’t need to remove and replace every single component by hand, and it can be set up to recognize certain components as an inventory item. You can also see what components need to be ordered, and what components you have in stock. This prevents overstock, and you can always have peace of mind in knowing that you won’t run out of the components that you need.

Multiple Warehouse Management

Many companies keep their products spaced out among several warehouses.  Warehouse management allows you to see exactly what is in each warehouse, and how much there is. This saves you time when it comes to contacting various company locations, to try to find the products that you need.
With the click of a button you can find out what your other warehouses are lacking in and what they currently have in stock.

Serial Numbers on Your Products

Many business use serial numbers instead of item descriptions. In times like this, it is crucial that your organization and shipping information is completely up to date. Warehouse management software will notice when an item is sold, tying the serial number to the customer name and number so that you can always keep track of your transactions. This system is incredibly useful when it comes to faulty items and customer returns, as you can see exactly what the item was and who it was sent too.

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