Preparing for a Truck Driving Career in Delaware

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While the economy has taken a hit in most sectors, the trucking industry is one sector that has flourished. As people are looking for new careers to replace the jobs that they have lost, they have realized the great benefits that a truck driving career can offer. The main benefit is that there are plenty of jobs in the industry that are available, and if a trucker does happen to be laid off they will be able to find new work quickly. Preparing for a career in truck driving is relatively easy, and there are numerous schools that will train and prepare students to get a CDL license in Delaware. The DOT has certain requirements that must be met, so it is important for students to choose a reputable school that offers job placement and other services that will help their students to enter the industry immediately upon graduation.

What to Expect with the Training

Most CDL training programs will include classroom work, yard training, and road training so that students will be fully prepared to hit the ground running once their training is complete. Many trucking companies will pay for schooling if they decide to pre-hire students before their training is complete, and the duration of the training is only 160 hours in most cases. If veterans take the course, then their expenses may be covered by the GI Bill or by other veteran’s retraining programs. Training programs for other careers can be quite costly, but a CDL training course is relatively inexpensive when you consider the fact that trucking jobs cannot be outsourced, and you will have a solid career where there will always be plenty of opportunities.

Getting in On a Growing Industry

In the United States there is currently a shortage of truck drivers. The industry is projected to grow more than 20% over the next decade, which equates to approximately 340,000 new jobs being added. If you are considering a career change, then truck driving can certainly be a lucrative career over the long term course of things. Before selecting a school, it is important to ensure that their course is approved by the DOT, and you should always visit the school before signing up, to determine whether or not they have the proper facilities, tools, learning resources, and equipment to ensure that you get quality training for your money.

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