How Plumbers in De Pere WI Deal With Blocked Sewers

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One of the commonest plumbing complications happens to be blocked sewers. When sewers are blocked, waste water starts backing up into the bathroom, and this can pose a huge health risk to the family. Also, blocked sewers lead to toilets that will not flush effectively. It is therefore important to get an expert to check your sewer as soon as you suspect that it may be blocked. Here are some things you need to know about how Plumbers in De Pere WI deal with blocked sewers.

Major causes of sewer blockage

Blocked sewers are mostly caused by excessive accumulation of insoluble material in the sewer. These materials could be resulting from plastic bags being flushed down the toilet, excessive use of poor quality toilet paper and other solid items getting flushed down the toilet. When the insoluble material forms a plug, solid wastes accumulate there stopping the flow of waste water from the house. The slimy water starts flowing back to the house. Roots can also grow into the sewer and form a blockage. Roots are more dangerous than other solids because they can completely ruin the pipes.

Locating the blockage

Most plumbers use a simple power snake when trying to locate a clog in the sewer. Once the snake is powered, it starts vibrating. The kind of vibration that it will make at certain points is what determines if there is a blockage or not. After feeling the vibration, the plumber will estimate the distance that the snake is inserted into the drain to locate the blockage.

Removing the blockage

1. If the plumber thinks the blockage is small, he will use a drain snake to reach into the sewer pipe and try to reach the clog. Drain snakes can be up to 50 feet in length and are therefore very effective.

2. In case the snake does not work, they will do hydro-jetting. This is the process of spraying pressurized water down the sewer pipe in an attempt to wash the clog down.

3. If the root is causing the blockage, the plumbers will have to cut through the affected section, remove the root and then repair the ruined part of the sewer pipe.

Plumbers in De Pere WI will know how to effectively deal with blocked sewers. Click to find more info about other plumbing issues and to hire a good plumber.