Reduce Employee Pilferage with Tiered Access Control Systems in King of Prussia, PA

by | Jun 10, 2014 | Fire and Security

One in three businesses is a target of crime, but not all of this crime comes from the outside. Instead, some of it is committed by employees who manage to infiltrate secure areas that they do not have legitimate clearance to enter. Fortunately, there are a few ways to prevent this sort of sneak thievery and pilferage from taking place.

Thanks to today’s electronic locking systems, it’s easy to set up tiered levels of Access Control in King Of Prussia PA. Card readers can be programmed to only work for certain employees, only operate during specific times of the day, or both. By having all employees use ID cards with magnetic stripes, you can ensure that everyone will be able to gain access to the areas they need to use while refusing access to unauthorized people. Locks that use card readers can also be set up to record who has used them and who has attempted to use them. By checking these logs, you can more easily spot suspicious card swipes and keep an eye on the necessary people.

Visible security cameras also help with Access Control in King Of Prussia PA. Many people won’t even try to sneak into an unauthorized area if they see that a camera is staring at them. If they trespass anyway, it’ll be easy to see who went through the wrong door. Cameras inside the restricted area will show you whether the trespasser was an actual criminal or just being nosy. In certain business environments, such as retail stores, there are many employees of ages where simple nosiness results in trespassing incidents. Use your camera footage to determine who needs a reprimand and who needs to be reported to the police.

Of course, many criminals that target businesses attack from outside. To make things harder for them, use more general access control systems such as good locks that work with keys, double sets of doors that both lock, and video cameras to set up a deterrent that will also delay their attempts to break in after hours. Click to find more info about commercial and residential access control systems of all sorts.

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