How To Choose Metal Brazing Companies

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Whether you are trying to find metal brazing companies to fulfill an order of thousands of parts or you just need one or two items repaired or built to spec you need to find a company that can handle your job professionally. While there are lots of companies out there offering metal brazing services, not all are going to be a good match for your requirements.

Taking the time to learn about the metal brazing companies you are considering is time well spent. After all, you want your project to go smoothly, to have it completed professionally, and to not have to worry about the quality of the brazing services provided.

Professional Credentials

Many people don’t realize that there is an accredited process for metal brazing companies to complete should they choose to do so. NADCAP or the National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program provides international accreditation for metal brazing companies. These are the only companies that a range of different international and national companies choose to use.

These companies include names easily recognized in the United States as well as around the world including Lockheed Martin Corporation, Bombardier, Boeing, Beechcraft, Raytheon, the Defense Contract Management Agency of the US government, Bell Helicopter, Rolls-Royce and United Technologies Corporation to name just a few.

Attention to Customer Satisfaction

It is also important to focus in on the type of work that the metal brazing companies you are considering are able to do. Can they provide the type of brazing services you want from torch brazing to full dip brazing for your larger orders? Are they able to stay on schedule and deliver your parts, from one to a thousand or more, when you need them?

Asking these questions from the hi-temp metal brazing company is an important part of selecting the right company to complete your project. Don’t forget to also check online with forums and review sites to see how others rated their overall experience with the company.

Price should also be a considering in both small and large jobs when you are selecting metal brazing companies. Keep in mind that an extremely low price may indicate a company that lacks actual experience or that is using methods and applications that are old and not up to today’s standards.