How to Choose Your Homes Surveillance System in Chicago

by | Jan 2, 2014 | Security

If you have decided that your home needs a surveillance system in Chicago, it is important to know the different types of surveillance options available. There is a wide range of cameras to choose from as well as a different types of systems. A home surveillance system is designed with the same concept as the surveillance systems available for commercial use. The following information will help you choose the most effective type of surveillance system for your needs.

The first decision you need to make, is where you want to install the surveillance system in Chicago. For example, will the camera be installed inside or outside of your home? The lighting available in the area has an impact on the type of camera you choose. If the system will be installed on the exterior of your home, you will need a camera that can adjust to dim or low lighting as well as have night viewing capabilities. It is recommended that even if the camera is installed on the interior of your home that you select one with night vision capabilities.

The outside elements is an important consideration. A camera that is designed for indoor use cannot be used outdoors. If you are installing the security system outdoors, it is important to get a camera that housed in a waterproof casing to protect it from rain, snow and the UV rays. Security cameras are also available as wireless or hardwired.

Hardwired camera are typically more durable and can withstand extreme outdoor elements; however they are more difficult to install. A wireless camera can be installed almost anywhere on the property and you do not need to have cables running from the camera to a power supply. The majority of security cameras can be connected to the computer, which allows you to view the activity of your home from virtually anywhere there is an internet connection. In order to make sure the security system is installed correctly, it is important to have someone who is experienced in installing the type of system you buy, do the installation. When choosing the location for the security system, keep in mind the camera can be hidden or in plain view. Many people opt to install the camera in open view in hopes that it will prevent an intruder from breaking in. Visit for more information.

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