Who Does Your Carpet Cleaning In Charleston SC?

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It’s under your feet all the time and, in its own way, it is a major feature in your home décor – what is it – it’s the floor. We walk all over it and often take no notice of it; but, if it is dirty or uncomfortable to our feet; we are quick to notice.

In tropical Asia it is considered very bad manners to enter any house (including your own) without first removing your outdoor shoes – over there, most newer homes have ceramic or marble tiled floors; but, even with no dirt or dust carried in on visiting feet, their floors still require washing on a near daily basis. Over here, where most of us experience seasonal weather, we prefer the cooler weather comfort of having a carpet under foot; and we only expect people to conduct a token brushing on a door mat before we allow them (and their shoes) into our homes. It doesn’t require much imagination to realise how much dirt is carried inside and transferred onto our carpets.

What Happened To Those Old Fashioned Carpet Beaters?

Were people more energetic several decades ago? Or, did they simply have more time on their hands? It used to be a fairly common sight; to see a carpet draped over the washing line in a back yard with someone beating the hell out of it with one of those racquet shaped, cane implements known as carpet beaters. Maybe they only did it once a year as part of “spring cleaning”; but, at least it was done. So, who does do your carpet cleaning In Charleston and how often does it get done?

It’s Not Only Dirt & Dust

OK, you home owners in Charleston, I hear you when you say that you vacuum your carpets nearly every day; but, how effective is your vacuum cleaner? Does it really get right down to the bottom  of a carpet’s pile; does it suck up all those minute flakes of skin that we shed all the time; how about pets’ hair; or the armies of microscopic “bugs” that we share our homes with? Perhaps more importantly, do your carpets smell “nicer” and fresher after your DIY efforts at Carpet Cleaning In Charleston?

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