Is It Possible To Buy Adderall OTC?

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For the uninitiated, maybe some introductory information is needed. Adderall is a pharmaceutical drug used for the treatment of ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and narcolepsy; because of its amphetamine base it is only available on prescription (to stop its misuse as a recreational stimulant). Therefore, strictly speaking it is not possible to purchase Adderall OTC (over the counter); although those seriously in need of its therapeutic benefits should have no problem buying it in either the immediate or extended release form – just so long as their doctor has prescribed it for them. Alternative treatments with methylphenidate based drugs; sold under trade names such as Concerta, Methylin, Ritalin or Equasym XL are equally prescription only medications and not available over the counter.

There Can Be Genuine Need In Between Medical & Recreational
Both ADHD & narcolepsy are difficult ailments to diagnose and could, maybe, afflict some people in a mild form. Both the medical community and Government recognise them as genuine ailments but there is controversy over both the diagnosis and treatment.

This can lead to a situation whereby – for their own protection – people who could improve the quality of their lives by purchasing Adderall OTC at a pharmacy are not allowed to do so from fear that they may abuse their prescription and use the medication as a recreational stimulant. An even greyer area is students studying for exams but having difficulties both concentrating and/or sleeping – Adderall may well help them overcome this temporary problem; but, again, fears over side effects, long term addiction and/or abuse can make the drug unavailable to them. Whether this attitude to Adderall OTC availability is correct or not; the question has to be considered that; if it is not available, will the person seeking it turn to far more dangerous amphetamine or other stimulant drugs from the black market (a route that is more than likely to lead them into permanent addiction)?

Nature’s Own Solution
Through ancient Chinese medicine and many other “folklore” beliefs; there are many, in our society today, who put great store in alternative and traditional medicine – particularly in the field of herbal medicine. The good news for the people that we are talking about here is that a certain mix of herbs does provide a natural alternative to Adderall that can be purchased over the counter.