How to Create a Successful Material Handling System for Your Company

A material handling system is comprised of equipment used to efficiently move and store product within the confines of a building or outdoor space. Continue reading to learn more about material handling and how to create a working system:

Material Handling Is Used All Over

You might think that material handling is a practice used only in industrial settings. In the real world, it is actually the backbone of many different industries. You can find these practices used in retail stores, construction sites, food facilities and many other places. Every niche has its own way of defining the process, but what they all have in common is an organized way to facilitate the quick transportation of materials over relatively short distances.

Figuring Out Load Issues

At the heart of all material handling is the load itself. While creating your system, you’ll have to configure your organization’s unit load. This measurement concerns the weight or number of items that can be transported in one trip. You will have to figure out how to set up loads for each product in order to maximize efficiency. Another thing to think about is how the loads will be stored once they have been manufactured. This is an important consideration when establishing the parameters of each load. Completing these calculations will help you learn what type of pallet racking equipment you need.

The Planning Stages

Once you have your load figured out, you need to get down to the details of the product movements. This includes determining what increments it is being handled in (eaches, cases, pallets, etc.) and what method of handling is being utilized. You also have to figure out how you will allocate staff to handle different aspects of the process versus what is may potentially be automated. Finally, you should plan the use of space to account for storage and the movement of loads. Again, efficiency and safety should be your main goal.

Wrapping Up the Planning Stage

Once you create a plan for your material handling systems, don’t be afraid of modifications. Many issues arise that cannot be predicted at the planning stage. You may find that your company has to make adjustments to meet the overarching goals.

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