How to Engage Your Audience in a Trade Show Exhibit Booth

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The people who attend trade shows are looking for exactly what your business has to offer. This is why trade shows are often organized by industry, helping businesses reach an extremely targeted audience. However, you can’t simply set up a trade show booth and expect to gain a large number of new customers. You need to learn how to engage them to entice them to use your business over your competitors.


Everyone loves to get something for free. This is why many businesses choose to offer promotional products to give something to those who visit their booth to help them remember the business. Make sure you choose something that will actually be useful to your customers instead of something they will simply throw away. Another option is to offer a bottle of water or a soda to everyone who sticks around to chat with you.

Make Your Booth Friendly

Your goal is to make your trade show exhibit booth as inviting and friendly as possible. Since most companies only use three to four employees to man the booth, there won’t always be someone available to talk to the person who just entered your booth. Therefore, you need to find ways to get those people to stay until someone is available. Adding a massage chair or providing some snacks can be a great way to get people to hang around for a while.

Message Visibility

Potential customers want to know what you can offer them and what your overall message is. As you design your booth, it is important to make sure your message is clearly visible to your customers. Use simple graphics, bold letters and bright colors so your purpose is completely clear. Make sure you use a short message that clearly portrays your message, and implement your colors and logo into every aspect of your booth if you can.

Engaging the people who visit your booth is extremely critical to the success of your trade show exhibit booth. Providing the people who choose to spend time in your a booth with free items, such as promotional giveaways and drinks, can be a great way to break the ice and help them remember you. It is also important to make your booth friendly so people will want to remain, even if you aren’t interacting with them at the moment. Creating clear message visibility is another critical aspect to the success of your booth.

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