Get the Pay You Deserve with an Employment Rights Lawyer

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Many employees do not realize benefits they are entitled to are being unlawfully withheld. There are various laws in place that mandate how employees are paid for the work they perform. Employee rights laws also pertain to the appropriate meal and rest breaks employees are entitled to. If you have a wage or hour dispute with your employer, you will experience the best outcome if you use the services of an employment rights lawyer.

Overtime Pay

Employees in the United States are covered under the Federal Labor Standards Act. Under this act, any employee who works more than the standard 8-hour work day, 40-hours per week is entitled to overtime pay. This pay typically is calculated as one-and-a-half times the normal rate the employee gets paid. Many employers wrongfully think salaried employees are not entitled to overtime pay. Many salaried employees are still entitled to additional compensation, depending on their duties.

Misclassification of Employees

According to the laws of the Federal Labor Standards Act, there are a few categories employees can fall into that make them exempt from receiving overtime. The right employment rights lawyer can help you determine if you fall into these categories and are, in fact, not entitled to overtime pay. The general categories that are exempt include executive, administrative and professional employees. The classification of each employee is a delicate process that should be determined by a reputable lawyer.


The various labor laws require hourly employees to receive the breaks and meals they are entitled to. If you feel your employer does not provide the required meals and rest periods during the shifts you work, you should consult with an employment rights lawyer to determine if your rights are being violated.

Other Violations

In addition to failing to pay overtime or giving appropriate meals and breaks, employers can also be guilty of failing to pay commissions earned, failing to reimburse eligible expenses or not paying minimum wage to employees.

An employment rights lawyer can help you determine if your rights are being violated at your place of employment. Many employers take part in tactics that avoid the need to pay overtime, refuse to give appropriate meal or break times or fail to pay their employees commissions or expenses. Rather than taking the chance of being taken advantage of, you should contact a reputable lawyer to help you get what you deserve.