How To Enjoy ATVs In Central Oregon

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ATVs are becoming increasingly popular in Oregon. ATV rentals in Bend Oregon have gone up in the past few years. People, both residents and visitors view them as a viable means of getting around off trail. They can even be used all year round. Yet, while Bend Oregon and the surrounding area offer a diverse variety of ATV riding activities, it is important to understand the rules and regulations governing their usage before you rent or own one.

About ATVS – What’s An ATV?

This may seem a simple or even silly question. To some an ATV is an all terrain vehicle of a specific type. It is a three or four-wheeled vehicle capable of usage on rough terrain and off road driving. It cannot be used on main or secondary roads. Yet, in Oregon, an ATV refers top 4 different classes of vehicles. These include Motorcycles (Class III), jeep, sand rails and SUVs (Class IV) and the stereotype ATV (Class I). Yet, whatever the vehicle, certain rules apply when it comes to off road trips

Off Roading In Bend, OR

ATV rentals in Bend Oregon are a distinct possibility for a vacation. They can add to your sense of adventure. They do provide a mobility lacking in regular forms of transportation. If you plan to go off road, you may want to either arrange for a tour or purchase a guide to legal off road areas. Keep in mind the following:

* You cannot operate any ATV on public lands unless they are so designated
* You can only drive on designated trails and roads
* Wilderness land is not open to ATV travel
* If allowed to go cross country in such areas as “play areas,” dunes or high desert rangeland be careful NOT to damage any foliage or flora of any type
* Paved roads and two lane gravel routes are not open for ATVs
* Forest Service lands are not open to ATVS unless specifically posted as such
* Travelling on the shoulders of any paved roads is not legal

Always display your Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (OPRD) Safety Education Card. It is mandatory. If you have any questions, consult the authorities such as the land manager. He she or it will be able to find you with specific regulations.

Trail Choices

If you choose a trail, make sure the trail is suitable to both the vehicle’s ability and your level. In general, all trails are marked accordingly:

* Easiest
* More difficult
* Most difficult
* Extreme

Take care. These categories are subjective in nature. What someone may classify as easiest may, to you, be quite difficult.

ATV rentals in Bend Oregon are clearly becoming popular. It is important to realize your responsibility as a driver to pay heed to the rules and regulations governing these vehicles. It is not only for the sake of your safety and that of other drivers that you follow them. It is also essential if you want to protect the wilderness that is Oregon.