How to Locate the Best Timber for your Project

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Timber has long been one of the most useful resources that man has discovered. Timber, otherwise known as lumber is a term used mostly for collected batches of cut wood. The wood can then be manufactured, treated, weathered, processed or anything else that puts it out into the open market for consumers to purchase.

There are varying different terms for certain types of lumber or timber, such as hard wood, soft wood, pulpwood, finished, rough and so on. You can buy the kind of lumber you need from timber merchants in Bath or any other city and town in the country. Most of them will stock local and imported woods that can be used for multipurpose tasks.

Most of the popular sizes of timber are the common two-by-fours, four-by-fours, one-by-two, and so on. These common plank measurements are standard national measurements for solid timber. In some places solid timber planks are only available in measurements of no larger than twenty-four feet, but engineered woods—which are created using a binding technique and adhesives—are available in varying sizes and prices.

Standards and Grading

There are international varying standards of wood, depending on the region, the country, the temperature, the purpose of the wood and other factors. For instance in 1924 the American’s set the American Lumber Standard for that country, to establish grades, dimensions and moisture content acceptability in wood. The United Kingdom has similar standards, but because U.K. homes are not primarily timber framed, the standards relate to wood in a different fashion that for building. There are other structures that are made from timber in the U.K. which require the same standard of grade of timber to make sure it does not warp or age prematurely, causing the building to become unstable. All wooden structures have to be built in accordance with the building standards regulations.

Termite control is vital, also, when you have a structure made from timber. In certain parts of the country, termites, woodworm and other insects can burrow into wood and slowly destroy it in various ways. Having treated wood is one way of preventing damage, but treating the structure, once it is completed is another good way of preventing rot.

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