How To Maintain Your Hot Water Heater

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Hot water heaters are often forgotten and neglected appliances until they start to function improperly. When a hot water heater malfunctions it can take a lot of money to fix it or replace it, and in the meantime you may have to function without hot water for a little while. In order to reduce your chances of running into such an uncomfortable situation, it is important that you do what you can to maintain your hot water heater and keep it in good working condition for as long as possible. Here are some easy things any homeowner can do to regularly maintain their hot water heaters in Westchester County.
First, simply turn the temperature down a bit by using the knob that should be located on the side of your water heater or behind your water heater. You probably don’t really need your hot water heater to be capable of spitting out scalding hot water, so don’t raise the temperature so high that it causes unnecessary strain on your heater. Instead, set the temperature so that it is hot enough to comfortably bathe, shower, and wash your hands (typically between 115 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit). This will help to relieve pressure on your hot water heater and prevent it from overheating so that it will last longer. It will also help you to reduce energy costs and usage.

Next, conduct a simple test of your temperature and pressure relief valve. On most hot water heaters in Westchester County, the valve is located on the side or the back of the hot water heater and has a small handle that maybe pulled outward. To test the proper function of this valve, simply lift the handle or lever slightly, then let go of it and make sure that it snaps quickly back to its original position. As the valve releases a small amount of water into the tube for draining, it should be accompanied by a slight gurgling sound. If you hear this sound and the valve snaps back rapidly, then you know that it is working correctly. If not, then your valve is broken and needs to be replaced.

Finally, it is very important that you periodically clean out sediment from where it tends to collect at the bottom of hot water heaters in Westchester County. To do this, find a bucket and put it next to the drain valve that is located at the lower end of your tank. Turn the water valve and allow at least a few gallons of water to drain into the bucket. This will help clear out sediment from the bottom of your tank.

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