The Easiest Clothing Design Platform for Beginners

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Digital Fashion Pro, created by Harper Arrington, is an end-to-end clothing design software solution for new and novice designers with the desire to create their own fashion collections. It presents those with a desire to establish a career in fashion to conceptualize a design in their mind and almost effortlessly render a complete design digitally, without ever having to break out the sewing kit or lose money on fabric that was wasted because of bad cuts, poor color choices, etc. Operating on a CAD backbone, this innovative and feature rich software not only allows for the effortless creation of cutting edge designs and concepts, it also allows designers to realize their fullest creative vision without compromise and financial constraints.

Why is Digital Fashion Pro the Program of Choice?

Digital Fashion Pro is far more than the typical design solution. If is a dynamic and revolutionary system that combines art and graphics, templates, digital fabrics, design techniques and the latest learning aids all in on inclusive platform. This allows designers to hone their skills while taking their creativity to never before seen heights. In addition to the video training modules, there is also an 85-pg e-book that will guide users through the design process, ever step of the way.

How User-Friendly Is this Application?

Users have immediate access to four (4) training videos that will instruct on the following:

  • How to use the program to design clothing.
  • How to use digital fabric.
  • How to add trims, graphics and text.

Access to Endless Templates and Garment Files

As a complete design solution, Digital Fashion Pro boasts access to more than 1800 garment templates and design files. Digital Fabric Options include: Denim, Wool, Knit, Rib, Leather, Fur, Snake Skin, Khaki, Satin, Cashmere, Suede, Stone and much more. In fact, in total there are 300 different digital fabrics to choose from.

Great for Beginners and Pros Alike

The complete inventory of digital fabrics and garment templates, coupled by the instant access to several learning aids and training videos make Digital Fashion Pro the ideal choice for designers in all stages of their career. Newer or lesser experienced designers will appreciate the usability of the program almost as much as older and more experience designers will appreciate never having to stub another thumb on a sewing needle ever again.

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