How to select the correct popcorn bag

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Perhaps the two most important factors that needs to be taken into account when choosing popcorn bags are size and durability. There are a number of different types of popcorn bags available as well as optional rigid tubs. The way these options are used is paramount in when making your choice. If you make popcorn using a hot air popper then a simple brown paper bag is fine as the popcorn does not have any oil on it. Even though you may make the popcorn in a hot air maker, if you offer butter and other condiments then the bag will have to have a wax coating for protection. As well as these considerations, size is important, especially if you are selling the popcorn. If you do have a business then you will need to keep a number of different sized bags on hand which will be used for different priced quantities.

Popcorn bags are the usual way to serve popcorn at events and to sell in movie theaters. Although many people simply put all the popcorn in a large bowl when serving it at home, there are times when offering bags of popcorn make sense. The best popcorn bag to use is based on your needs. If you are making microwave popcorn at home and you are working with scratch ingredients, then a brown paper bag is perhaps the best solution. The same bags can be used for single servings as long as oil or butter is not used as these bags are not protected with any kind of coating.

In any commercial setting it is important to use a quality bag which will not let any melted butter or oil to soak through. There are special bags which have been wax coated which are ideal for use in these situations. Depending on the theater, many operators use tubs rather than bags. Bags are by far the easiest to dispose of and they are the cheapest alternative whereas tubs are more resilient. Some operators use both with tubs being used for the high volume purchase.

If you have a home theater and this is the only place you serve popcorn, then one size bag is fine. If you are selling popcorn then you will want to have several different bags, the smallest being about four cups and the largest to hold several quarts.

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