The Benefits of Using Full-Service Professionals to Install Philadelphia, PA Networking Equipment

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America’s rising dependency on technology has resulted in thousands of college graduates with I.T. degrees. Many of them offer services ranging from computer repair to network setups. While some of these technicians do a good job, truly savvy companies rely on full-service experts, such as Computer Connection Of Central New York, Inc. These professionals can install and maintain Philadelphia, PA Networking Equipment, and provide services that include:

  • SECURITY: Computer Connection offers clients vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, red teaming, and more. They can identify cyber vulnerabilities in wired and wireless Philadelphia, PA Networking Equipment. They will evaluate externally facing interfaces, servers, computer systems, and more. Security professionals can establish a baseline security posture that allows them to measure changes over time. They will assess clients’ levels of adherence to security policies, and reduce downtime associated with cyber attacks.
  • DATA RECOVERY: Professionals ensure that business data is protected at all times, and safe from catastrophic information loss from weather, power outages, or Internet connection failures. Computer Connection’s technicians will evaluate business back up systems, and ensure that clients are able to recover data quickly in the event of a crises. They can create custom solutions for each customer.
  • DATA MANAGEMENT: Full-service technology experts can help clients reduce the amount of paper they use, save space needed for documents, and create efficient tracking systems. They will convert companies to digital systems. Experts offer scanning for medical records, accounts payable, large format documents, books, mailrooms, and human resources information.
  • E-WASTE CONTROL: Professionals help clients safely dispose of e-waste. They offer earth-friendly solutions that allow businesses to recycle cell phone chargers, answering machines, circuit boards, computer cables, ink jet toner cartridges, medical testing equipment, and much more. They ensure that toxic materials from scanners, typewriters, monitors, tablets, switches, and more, do not end up in landfills. Computer Connection also buys recyclable items at fair market value, refurbishes them, and then re-markets them as affordable products.

Businesses often use full-service technology experts, because these firms can provide a range of services that include security evaluation and protection, data recovery, and data management. In addition, they offer e-waste recycling options.