How to Take Care of Large Breeds of Dogs

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There is a certain code of practice involved with owning and caring for any pet. Larger pets can have certain issues that they may be susceptible to, such as injuries or infections. Because of this susceptibility it is a good idea to have the number of an emergency vet in Durham, or wherever you live to come out and visit, or whose surgery hours are flexible. You create a bond with your pet and ‘man’s best friend’ is no exception. When you first take your puppy home they will take a little time to get familiar with you and your surroundings. After a few months you will need to take them for a vet visit for their shots and you might also want to spay or neuter them.

Watching their Weight and Size

A large dog’s weight and size are the most important factors that affect its health care. Small dogs need an extra nutritional diet whereas large breeds of dogs benefit from controlled feeding. Large dogs need a strict diet to control their weight as well as help their joints. Because larger breeds put more stress on their bodies they need to remain thin enough that they can continue healthy exercise, otherwise obesity will cause all manner of symptoms and health issues. Regular exercise is one excellent way to take care of your large dog breed—and your own body, to boot!

Parasites, Fleas and Ticks

Ticks, fleas and parasites are one of the most common causes of illness in dogs of many sizes. Even during the winter, when most dog owners think it is safe to get away with not treating their pets for these issues, they should still do so because fleas do not sleep or hibernate. If you have carpet in your home you should probably give it a yearly flea treatment too, so that your dog does not contract fleas from the eggs in the carpet. To the untrained eye it is not always possible see fleas unless you get one on you. Therefore you cannot know they are in your home, so be cautious. Buying veterinary approved topical medicine for your large dog will help, but also take the vet’s advice regarding long haired dogs, also. For more details visit online.