Four Warning Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Brakes in Mystic

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Brake repair is a regular part of life for drivers in Mystic, and the sooner you repair or replace your failing brakes, the less money you’re likely to spend. That’s why it’s so important to learn to recognize the warning signs that your Brakes in Mystic are no longer functioning properly. Keep reading for the most common signs that it’s time to attend to your brakes, and visit Bumper to Bumper auto parts for quality, affordable brakes and brake parts.

Strange Noises

One of the most common signs that your brakes need a little TLC is a screeching, squealing or grinding noise when you stop or slow down your car. Excessive squealing is usually a sign that your brake pads are worn or damaged and need replaced, but you may also experience a grinding noise in extreme situations. Usually, this means the brake pad has completely worn away, and the rotors or calipers are now being affected. Either way, get your brakes checked right away.

Pulling to the Side

If your car is pulling to the right or the left, it can often mean there’s an issue with your Brakes in Mystic. This can indicate a number of problems, but it’s usually a case of brake fluid leakage or frozen brakes. In some cases, your brake pads may simply be compromised with oil or grease from a leak.

Pulsating Brake Pedal

A brake pedal that pulsates or vibrates during driving is usually the result of a warped brake rotor or drum. Over time, the heat from daily use will wear out these parts to the point where they’ve thinned significantly, causing the brake pedal to pulsate when you use it. In this scenario, you’ll need to purchase replacement parts right away.

Difficult or Slow Braking

If you notice that your car isn’t coming to a complete stop as quickly as it used to, it’s definitely time to replace your brakes. Worn-out brake parts will make it more difficult for your brakes to function efficiently, and it’s important to attend to them right away because this can be a serious safety concern.

During the lifespan of your car, you’ll definitely need brake repair or replacement. Watch for the warning signs of brake failure discussed above, and attend to your brakes as soon as possible to avoid serious financial setbacks.