Purchase Quality Components From a Used Auto Body Parts Supplier in Pasadena TX

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When making repairs to a vehicle or adding upgrades, purchasing brand name auto parts can be rather expensive. One way to save on the cost is to buy recycled or aftermarket parts from used auto body parts supplier in Pasadena, TX instead. Recycled and aftermarket parts can be acquired for a fraction of the price, but they perform just as well as a brand name component does.

Recycled Parts

When trying to decide if a used part is the right option, consider the fact that recycled auto parts are quality tested before they are sold to ensure that they are in good working order. Recycled parts can be especially helpful when working with a limited budget or when trying to locate a part for an older vehicle. In most instances, used parts come with a 30-day warranty. However, if one wishes to have a longer warranty on a particular part, an extended warranty can often be purchased for an additional cost.

Where Recycled Parts Come From

There is a misconception that recycled auto parts are obtained from old worn-out vehicles, but that isn’t the case. When a vehicle has been totaled out by an insurance company after an accident, it’s not uncommon for many of the components to still be viable. Used auto body parts supplier in Pasadena, TX salvages the working parts from these cars, as well as from cars that are purchased at auctions or from individuals. No matter where a part is sourced from, it must pass a stringent quality control inspection before being sold to a consumer.

Aftermarket Auto Parts

Aftermarket parts are replacement parts which are new, not used. They are just as good and sometimes better than the components made by a vehicle’s original manufacturer. Aftermarket parts offer an affordable way to replace a component with a new part when the budget can’t absorb the cost for the same item with the vehicle’s brand name on it.

Recycled and aftermarket auto parts provide an affordable option for quality components. They function and have the same longevity as original manufacturer auto parts do, in most cases. Visit Apache Auto Parts to see their vast selection of available new, used, and aftermarket auto parts.