HVAC in Baltimore MD Can Repair Your AC Unit or Replace it With A New Hi-Tech Unit

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Heating and Air Conditioning systems do fail, and especially if they have not had routine annual maintenance. Whether you are having a problem or not, it is a good idea to have your HVAC system checked by HVAC in Baltimore MD .There could be several problems that have not surfaced yet, but they will when the system is taxed by the extreme temperatures.

If the air conditioning system has not been maintained properly, then several problems can occur. Among them are dirty coils which will cause the system to loose cooling efficiency a use more energy. There are coils on the inside and the outside mechanisms.

The compressor and the condenser should be checked for optimum operation and the cage should be cleaned. All kinds of debris can be blown into the cage and cause a number of problems. The fan motor should be lubricated if it has ports for oil.

Checking the thermostat to ensure that it is operating the air conditioner as well as it is intended to is vital. Often, the thermostat can be malfunctioning which will in turn cause the air conditioner to work improperly. The fan motor inside the unit which moves the cool air through the house may need service. This motor responds to the thermostat.

Checking the ductwork to be sure that it is allowing the air to reach each vent is important. Any excess debris in the ducts, or any blockage caused by the installation of the ductwork will be determined. HVAC in Baltimore MD can perform this work.

If your system is older, then it will not have the efficiency and energy savings of the new systems. The HVAC units are environmentally-friendly and you will get the energy savings you desire while achieving better cooling. New air conditioning units do not have to operate as much as the older units.

If you are planning on buying a new Air Conditioning Services unit, it is best to have HVAC in Baltimore MD come out and study your home to determine what size unit you need. The SEER rating is important and this requirement can be determined by a study of your home.