Ideas to Enhance the Look of your Driveway

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The Paving Ottawa homeowners lay in their driveway provides the base for the surface to direct cars onto your property. However, Asphalt Paving Companies in Ottawa ON can provide you with far more exciting ideas that will enhance not only the look of your driveway, but your entire property. Here are some lovely ideas to get you started:

*  Entrance Gates: Entrance gates offer a grand appearance to properties with a look that is not only imposing, but gives the impression your home is secure. There is no need to have functioning gates. Installation of iron or white wooden picket gates can be placed simply for decorative purposes. You can have gates custom designed or better yet sourced from old estate sales, farms and other properties or look at reclaimed resources that provide salvaged architectural details. Asphalt paving companies in Ottawa On can then provide the perfect complement with a smooth and easy to care for driveway.

*  Pillars and Posts: You can include pillars or posts at the foot of your driveway that look lovely when uplit at night. You can use any number of looks from fieldstone and cement to cast iron and even interlock structures. You can also install lamp posts for a lovely effect guiding people home. Building an interesting detail at the foot of your driveway reminiscent of old milestones is a perfect spot for your family name or address. Stone structures combining field stones and cement can create monoliths mark your property with a sense of historical charm. Milestones can be topped with interesting filigrees to complete the look made of wood, iron or cement. You can also simply place large boulders or carved stones on either side of the paving Ottawa homes already have lain.

*  Cobblestone: Adding a section of cobblestone or interlocking brick at the foot of your driveway adds a sense of charm and sophistication and can work well for historical properties as well as newer, modern homes in a more slick gray man made brick.

*  Solid Surface and Pea Gravel: An interesting look is combining a solid surface of paving Ottawa homeowners lay with pea gravel or other coloured stone to add texture. The paving can be placed with a pattern and will align with the tire treads leading to the garage or front of the home. The gravel is then placed down the centre and can also be added on either side. It is an interesting affect bringing colour and texture to an otherwise boring driveway.

Asphalt companies in Ottawa On such as can provide you with many ideas and design solutions to enhance your driveway.

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