Winter Weed Control in Spokane

If you want a really spectacular lawn, it is important to realize that lawn care is a priority all 12 months of the year. Even in colder climates, problems like weeds can continue to be an issue through the winter. While grass growth typically ends by late fall, many weeds will continue to grow and spread even through the winter. The growth is slower than what is experienced in the warmer months, but it is still occurring.

This means that weed control cannot be forgotten about even in the fall. By reducing the amount of weeds scattered in the yard in late fall, spring cleanup and maintenance will be much easier. With less weeds choking out the new growth, your yard will be able to grow faster, greener and get thicker earlier and with much less effort.

Weed Control in Spokane is also necessary because of the damage weeds can do to the delicate grass roots during the winter. When sunlight and nutrients are less plentiful, weeds can easily starve the grass, creating dead spots which will remain in the spring.

Even more damaging are when weeds have become overgrown throughout the fall only to die off in winter in clumps. These patches often suffocate the new grass attempting to grown beneath and can become detrimental to the appearance of the yard even into summer.

By applying Weed Control in Spokane in early to mid-fall, much of this weed growth, maybe even all, can be prevented. It will reduce the amount of herbicides which will be required in the spring and may even reduce the amount of fertilizer which will be required to encourage grass growth in the spring.

When the lawn gets a healthier start in spring it can also help to reduce the amount of seasonal weeds like crabgrass which can be a headache for even the best maintained lawns.
Winter weed control will improve the quality and appearance of your lawn year round and is the best guarantee for a healthy lawn. Learn more by talking to your local lawn service about the weed control methods which will work best for your lawn.