Improving the Performance of your Home’s Heating

by | Nov 11, 2013 | Plumbing

Even if you invest in the best Heating Services Nassau County has to offer if the rest of your home is not working efficiently you can still experience energy issues and wastage. Invest in a draft detector to take around the house to look for obvious drafts and then use these tips to keep your home toasty during the winter as well as to reduce your energy bill.

Electrical Drafts
If you have recessed lighting you can actually loose heat through them if they are not properly insulated. You can add insulation to your recessed lighting using a baffle. These are available at your local hardware store. Another area that can allow for drafts is electrical outlets and light switches. You can buy special insulation for these areas as well to help cut down on drafts.

Weather Stripping
Weather stripping is the leaky houses best friend. It can be applied to exterior door frames as well as areas leading to basements and attics. It can also be applied to attic hatches. Foam weather stripping works well in these areas and is easy to apply. You can get very industrious and carefully remove door trim and use a foam caulking to fill gaps in the rough openings. This can also be done around window frames. Use weather stripping along the bottom of windows where they open on sliders and follow the same technique you did for the doors by carefully removing the trim and filling the rough openings with foam caulking.

Door Drafts
If you have a door with a drafty area inside your home you can look at adding door sweeps. Door sweeps work well for interior doors that may lead into the laundry room, mud room or garages. Door sweeps should also be added to all exterior doors to cut down on drafts.

Garage Blankets
Many homes have rooms built over garages. These room scan be quite chilly compared to the rest of the home. Consider looking at garage insulating blankets that can be put over garage doors. These can help keep the garage warmer which will in turn keep the rooms above warmer.

Check Duct Work
Check your duct work and look for loose duct tape. Areas with loose duct tape should be resealed to avoid leaks of warm air. When you work with Heating Services In Nassau County they will check this for you as well.

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