Where to Find the Best Concrete in Benton Harbor

What do the Egyptian Pyramids, the Roman Colosseum, the Great Wall of China and a gorgeous patio all have in common? Concrete. Actually, concrete was lost for a long time, fourteen hundred years. After the barbarians finally conquered and sacked Rome in 400 AD, the secret art of making concrete was forgotten. During the Dark Ages and the Renaissance, people discovered ingenious, but extremely labor-intensive, methods of building stone castles and cathedrals. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the advantages that concrete would have offered. Most of those buildings have succumbed to the rigors of war or time, yet the Colosseum has stood tall for almost 2,000 years. What’s even more amazing is that the Colosseum was built in less than 10 years. Most large buildings constructed hundreds of years later, after the secrets of making concrete were long-forgotten, took decades or even centuries to complete.

Cement and concrete Benton Harbor were rediscovered in the 1700s, culminating in the British patent for Portland cement in 1824. Portland cement was used to build the Erie Canal in 1825. This created an enormous demand for this wonderful building material that continues to this day.

Today’s concrete shares the attributes of its ancient predecessor. It’s produced from natural ingredients and hardens as it ages, getting stronger every year. Concrete can create a magical patio, using custom colors and stamping techniques. It can go casual, formal or heavy industrial and is everywhere you look. Concrete in Benton Harbor makes everyone’s lives easier and safer in numerous ways, even though it is often overlooked.

Peterman Concrete is a family business that has been providing high quality concrete and concrete services to its customers since 1982. Using decorative concrete to build stylish patios is a specialty of theirs, but they have completed a full range of concrete projects. Their experienced craftsmen can successfully complete a single driveway or a large commercial construction project. High volume placing jobs are easily handled with their Telebelt that can handle up to 360 cubic yards an hour. Do-it-yourselfers will find a large inventory of concrete building materials, ready mix and decorative concrete. They can rent a U-Cart filled with the concrete of their choice for their own project. Anyone needing Concrete in Benton Harbor will find that this reputable and reliable supplier has the product or service that they have been looking for.

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