In This part of Queensland, Do You Eat In Brisbane Or Frequent Ipswich Restaurants?

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Ipswich is a city in its own right (and has been since 1904); however, its heyday; as an inland river port serving limestone quarries, coal mines, cotton plantations and the wool industry; has passed and, today, many see Ipswich as a place to live while they continue to work in or closer to Brisbane. Land for a detached house and garden in Ipswich is cheaper than in Brisbane; so, you can afford a bigger parcel of land. The distance between the two cities is only 40 km and there is a good motorway system; it is hardly surprising that today’s Ipswich appears to be surrounded by new commuter estates.

Do You Eat Near To Your Home; Or Near To Your Workplace?

Most of us will say – “it depends”. On our own, or with workmates, at lunch time; we will eat at a restaurant close to work. After work, we normally return home to the suburbs; but, if we decide to eat out that evening; where we eat might depend on who will be with us. A husband and wife who both work in Brisbane might often say – “let’s miss the rush hour traffic and have a meal here in Brisbane”. However, a housewife in Ipswich whose husband has taken their only car to work in Brisbane is much more likely to say – let’s go to one of those Ipswich Restaurants tonight.

Then, there is the driving aspect; 40 km isn’t a major drive; but, you really do love a glass or two of wine with a restaurant meal and, what with all the drinking and driving laws, it is going to be safer and more enjoyable if you opt to eat in any one of the Ipswich Restaurants that is closer to your home.

Then, There’s That Special Occasion

Taking your wife to Brisbane for dinner on your wedding anniversary could, possibly, give her a great night out; but, the taxi ride home to Ipswich might dampen the spirit a little (as well as adding to the drain on your wallet). Maybe you would fare better by taking her to one of the Ipswich Restaurants for the anniversary dinner and night out?

Two of the finest Ipswich Restaurants are located in the historic Prince Alfred Hotel – Char’d Steakhouse and Plantations. Both offer good food and fine wine and you can stay on after your meal to try your luck in the gaming room. Click Here for more details or call Phone no for reservations!