Information About Walkin Coolers For Food And Beverage Businesses

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If you own a business that serves food and beverages, it’s imperative that you have the necessary refrigeration systems including walkin coolers and freezers. A dependable refrigeration system will keep your foods and beverages at the correct temperature so they’ll be safe for your customers to eat and drink. Below are some common questions about walk in refrigerators and freezers.

Q.) What types of door options are available in refrigeration systems?

A.) There are several different types of doors available for your cooler or freezer. These include a standard entry door, single and double horizontal doors that slide on a track above the doors, vertical lift doors, overhead doors, bi-fold doors and overlap doors for freezers. Glass doors are also available for product display in retail stores.

Q.) After I order my cooler, how long will it take to arrive and install?

A.) Manufacturing and shipping your custom refrigeration system normally takes about three to six weeks to arrive after it’s ordered. The installation time can vary, however it normally takes from three to four days for complete installation.

Q.) How do I prepare for the installation of my cooler or freezer?

A.) The refrigeration unit will have to be placed on level concrete. You’ll also need an area that has ample ventilation for placing your condensing unit. Many times these are placed outdoors on the roof where there’s plenty of air circulation. The proper electrical connections must be in place before the unit is ordered. There will have to be a drainage system set up for the water that evaporates from the evaporator coil. Attaching a copper line to the bottom of the coil and running the line to the nearest drain is one option. You’ll also have to secure the proper permits from the health and building departments in your area before installing your walkin coolers and freezers.

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