Information on Life insurance in Katy, TX

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If you are the main wage earner, how will the family support themselves after your death? Life is something we often take for granted. You never know when a situation could arise leaving your loved ones without a means to cover final expenses. Just because you are young does not mean to overlook Life insurance in Katy, TX. Many families cannot pay the burial costs even if the death is expected which may cause a huge financial burden. A life insurance policy will help ease the financial strain of paying final expenses.


You can choose from an assortment of life insurance policies in Katy, TX. Popular policies include whole life, term life, and universal. It helps to compare the two kinds so you can determine what will work best for you. A term life policy covers you for a certain time frame. Your beneficiaries get no pay out if you are still living at the close of the term. This insurance is usually the least expensive and it pays a lump sum upon death of the policy holder. Some policies can be made to cover terminal illness. Term life is deal if you have debt and several dependents. However, the policies must be renewed and the premiums will increase.

As the name implies, whole life policies are effective for the remainder of your life if you pay premiums regularly. Whole life policies provide a guaranteed pay out for survivors and the premium remain the same. another benefit of whole life insurance is you can exchange the policy for the cash value. The cash value can also be greater than the policy value and it is tax exempt. A variation on whole life is universal life insurance. Universal life insurance offers you more flexibility, though, it costs more. You can change the premiums or the face value.

Life insurance in Katy, TX premiums can be based on a number of factors such as age and health. You may have to visit a doctor for an examination. The ideal time to take out a policy is when you are still in your twenties. Get quotes from different providers and compare rates. Many providers offer free quotes by email. Life insurance is the most sensible and loving thing you can do for loved ones.