Ways a Professional Who Handles AC Repairs Saraland AL Can Help When a Unit Stops Working

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When a home’s air conditioning system is not working properly, it can quickly make for a uncomfortable situation in the home, especially if the unit breaks down during the hot months of summer. When this type of situation occurs, it is important for the homeowner to contact a company who handles AC Repairs Saraland AL as quickly as possible.

One of the first things the repair person will want to do is check the power going to the unit to ensure it is working properly and all connections to the various components on the system are secure. They will also need to inspect the filter on the blower unit. Many times if the filter is extremely dirty, it may prevent air from flowing into the ductwork of the home. This can result in limited cooling in the home. Often replacing the air filter will correct this issue quickly.

A professional who handles AC Repairs Saraland AL will also want to check the motor, fan and fan belt on the system to ensure they are all operating properly. Many times the motor on the blower will freeze up causing the fan to stop working. Motors generally lock because of a lack of lubrication to the bearings inside. If this happens, the motor will generally need to be replaced, as many times repairs to the motor can be more expensive than a new unit.

Another common issue can be a dirty condenser coil. The repairperson from a company who performs AC Repairs Saraland AL will want to inspect the condition of the unit outside of the home, which houses the coils. First, the housing unit will be inspected to ensure debris has not accumulated in it and blocking the flow of air. Once this is done, the coils can be inspected. Coils tend to collect a good about of dirt and if when they become covered in this matter, it will impede the flow of air the system needs to work. A repair person will generally want to clean the coils with water and coil cleaner.

Finally, the technician will also check the Freon levels on the unit. Freon levels do not normally become low. If the Freon is low, this generally means there is a leak in the system somewhere and the technician will need to find this and repair it before the unit will work properly.