Initiating Litigation Through A Car Accident Attorney In Florence, KY

The state of Kentucky requires that all drivers maintain liability insurance for all vehicles registered in their name. This coverage should provide $25,000 per individual injured in the accident with a maximum of $50,000. The policy should also provide $10,000 in coverage all property damage sustained. Any violation of these insurance standards result in fines that range up to $1,000, up to ninety days in jail, and suspension of the automobile tag. Victims who are injured by drivers who are not compliant with these standards should contact a Car Accident Attorney in Florence KY.

Litigation of Car Accidents

In Kentucky, drivers may acquire personal injury protection or no-fault insurance. The mandate for the state requires that driver include this cover at least in some facility in their liability insurance. If an accident involved a driver with this insurance coverage, litigation is limited. This additional coverage provides coverage with a maximum of $10,000. Drivers may choose a greater coverage amount.

Alternately, drivers have the right to refuse to acquire the additional coverage for themselves. When they select this option, they are still required to maintain personal injury coverage for passengers. This refusal of coverage could increase liability insurance rates for the driver.

At the moment, that the automobile owner purchases this policy he or she is in agreement with its terms. It imposes a limitation on how victims can sue for monetary damage associated with the accident. With this coverage, it prevents a policy holder from seeking damages related to medical costs, tort-based concepts, and lost wages.

The state does allow policy holders to initiate litigation, if their expenses exceed $1,000. Other exceptions are fatalities, fractures, permanent disabilities, or if the victim becomes disfigured due to their injuries. He or she should contact a car accident attorney in Florence KY to take further action.

Any driver who possesses poor driving records that consists of multiple accidents should acquire the state-issued insurance plan which provides additional coverage. An accident in which a high-risk driver caused serious injuries or a fatality leaves the door open for litigation. Kentucky personal injury protection does not block the victim or their family from filing a lawsuit against the at-fault driver.