Invisible Braces Provide Effective Teeth Straightening

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If you have avoided getting braces because you do not wish to wear unsightly, uncomfortable wire braces you might be interested in Invisalign®. This new option provides the same effective straightening of traditional braces without the need for the less attractive wire braces or the need for adjustments with a cosmetic dentist Austin TX patients see.

Invisible Teeth Straightening

Invisalign® uses a series of clear, BPA-free plastic aligners custom made to fit your teeth. These aligners are changed every two week gradually realigning your teeth. It is a gentle shifting that shifts your teeth into the perfect position.

Pain Free Procedure

Invisalign® uses a 3D image of your teeth from which an imprint of your teeth is created. A set of custom aligners are prepared to conform to the shape of your teeth. The cosmetic dentist Austin TX patients use for teeth straightening will prepare a plan to create aligners that will vary slightly from each other. You will switch trays every two weeks which will change the alignment of your teeth until they are slowly realigned.

No Adjustments Required

Many people do not like the idea of braces due to the need for adjustments with a cosmetic dentist Austin TX patients require for orthodontic treatment. Your aligners are replaced at home and you require only a few checks with your dentist every six weeks to see that your alignment is progressing properly.

Easy to Use

Invisalign® provides many benefits over traditional braces including:

* Removable for eating, brushing and flossing

* Painless adjustments

* Intermittent check ups every six weeks

* Invisible, attractive option

Quicker Option

Invisalign® takes only a year to see the results you wish to achieve. This is much quicker than traditional braces with half the work and effort as well. You will find wearing Invisalign® a pleasure and be comfortable knowing they are barely visible. Invisalign® has also advanced in their technology which has allowed more people to use them to achieve the straight teeth they desire. Invisalign® will work for many imperfections from gaps and crooked teeth to overbites and serious cases of malocclussion. The cosmetic dentist Austin TX patients require for orthodontic treatment can discuss Invisalign® with you to decide if they will work for your teeth.

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