Selling Scrap Copper in Philadelphia

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Recycling scrap metal is an easy way to make money, and it can also help the environment. Many different types of metals can be recycled, and some (like Scrap copper in Philadelphia) are in great demand. According to the USGS, recycling of scrap metal is a big industry, with over 70 million tons being recycled every year. This is almost half of the US’ total supply; recycling to this extent helps bring down prices, and it also stops detrimental mining efforts.

Why Recycle Scrap Metal?

Many people choose to recycle Scrap copper in Philadelphia as a way to pick up some extra cash. Most of us are familiar with the recycling of aluminum cans through a deposit system or a local recycling center, but other metals are recyclable as well. The most commonly recycled metals are iron, steel, lead, aluminum and copper. Some metals are worth more than others are, but like other commodities, prices are prone to fluctuation.

Getting Started With Scrap

If you’re interested in recycling scrap metal (either as an income source or because you have some), you should know that prices vary according to the metal’s composition. Before taking your metal to the scrap yard, you should know what it weighs and what it contains. In most cases, these factors largely determine the price you’ll get.

The Recycling Process

Those who decide to get into scrap recycling will find the process very simple. You can find abandoned metal almost anywhere, and if you want to take your effort one step further, you may be able to work with contractors and plumbers to collect metal from jobsites. Once you collect the scrap, you can strip everything down to get to the valuable metal. Some scrap yards take whole appliances, and some prefer their scrap metals ready to go. Before hauling a load, check with your scrap dealer to determine their policy.

Most people who want to get into scrap recycling do it for honest reasons, but some do not. Certain metals such as Scrap copper in Philadelphia are more valuable than others, and may be stolen from places like cars and construction sites and sold for a profit. If you have a large amount of scrap copper or other valuable metals, securely store them until you’re ready to sell.