Is It Possible to Repair Granite?

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Before any attempt is made to repair granite in Nashville, TN it must be determined if such a repair is actually required. In many cases, what may appear to be a break is not, it is nothing more than the veins and natural fissures that occur in granite. When you go to purchase granite for use as a countertop or flooring material, both you and the vendor should look closely looking for any imperfections. Of course, if there are chips or breaks and the material has yet to be purchased then of course, look at other sections that are available. However, if a crack or a chip occurs once the material has been installed in your home it is a different matter; fortunately in many cases it can be repaired. If you do spot a crack, attend to it right away as it can spread quickly.

There are epoxy resins available from granite suppliers and home improvement centers that match the color of your floor or countertop, this material can often repair the crack which is usually the result of dropping a heavy object on it. Making the repair is something that can be done by the homeowner but it is highly recommended that you call an experienced stone worker, perhaps the company you purchased the granite from in the first place.

As well as epoxy resin, there are also polyester resins that you may wish to consider. Polyester resins are easier to work with as it dries quicker. Regardless of which material you use, it is advisable that you put a little on an area of the surface which is not visible just to see how it looks. If a large section of granite in Nashville, TN has been damaged it may be possible for an experienced stone worker to polish the damaged area but in many cases the only solution is to replace the damaged section, knowing in advance the match will not be identical.

Granite is an extremely durable material and of course, accidents can happen. The best way to prevent the need for repair of your granite surface is to take into account all the recommendations that were given to you during installation; clean up when anything that could stain the surface is spilled on it and keep the granite well sealed against the ingress of water.

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