Is Off-Campus Housing in Indiana Cheaper than Renting an Apartment?

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When you first start looking for furnished student apartments at Purdue University, you might be a little blown away by the cost. Student apartments can easily cost $900 or more–and since each resident has to pay their own rent, you can’t split the cost with your roommates. You might start thinking that you should just rent a traditional apartment if you pay that much. However, student apartments are actually cheaper than they seem.

Is Off-Campus Housing Cheaper than Renting an Apartment?

$900 for a room might seem like a lot, but that’s actually the average cost for an apartment in the United States. In fact, $900 is cheaper than some apartments–in certain areas, a small apartment can cost well over a thousand dollars. True, you can’t split the rent with your roommates, but you’d be paying the full amount if you lived by yourself in an apartment anyway.

Many people also don’t realize that they’re not just paying for a bed when they rent a student apartment. They’re paying for world-class amenities that are typically found at hotels and resorts. They’re also paying for fully furnished rooms with hardwood floors, stone countertops and state-of-the-art appliances. In a sense, you’re actually saving money since you don’t have to buy a gym membership or buy your own furniture.

To learn more about furnished student apartments by Purdue University, check out the Alight West Lafayette website. You’ll find everything you need to know about renting a student apartment in Indiana.