Do You Have to Go to Class When Living in an FL Student Apartment?

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One of the biggest advantages of living in off-campus housing is that you don’t have RAs or staff members on your back telling you what to do. For the most part, you’re free to make your own choices. However, off-campus living is still undeniably linked to the college lifestyle. If you live in a student apartment, do you have to go to class every day?

Do You Have to Go to Class When Living in a Student Apartment?

You have to be a college student to live in furnished student apartments near USF. If you’re not a college student, your application will be rejected–and once you graduate, you’ll be asked to leave and find housing elsewhere. You might also be asked to leave if you drop out of school.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to go to class every single day. There are no RAs waking everyone up in the morning and ensuring that they get to class on time. If you don’t feel well or need to take a day off, you can stay in your apartment–no questions asked. As long as you’re still enrolled in classes, you’re free to stay in off-campus housing.

For further research, you can visit the Lark on 42nd website. You can see pictures of their furnished student apartments near USF, as well as the social events and get-togethers they hold for their residents. You can also tour the off-campus facilities at certain times of the year.