Protect Your Car in Ohio if You Suspect That You’ve Purchased a Lemon

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When you purchase a car, you don’t expect it to give you issues soon after you get it home. However, there are dealerships that sell vehicles that break down within a few days of driving them off the lot. This is when it’s important to know about the Lemon Laws in your state.


One Ohio Lemon Law that pertains to the length of time after the purchase of your vehicle is that you can file a claim within 12 months of 18,000 or making the purchase. You should take the vehicle to the dealership if you experience any kind of issue whether you see something within the designated mileage or time frame so that someone can make the necessary repairs. If the dealership won’t make the repairs, then you can contact an attorney.

Not Corrected

After taking the vehicle to the dealership to have it fixed and the problem is still present, then you could be entitled to a refund of the amount that you paid for the vehicle or a replacement. Even if the problem occurs close to the end of the protection time frame, you are still covered under the Lemon Laws in Ohio so that you can have a safe vehicle to drive.


You must give the dealership or manufacturer reasonable opportunities to correct the issue before filing an Ohio Lemon Law claim. This means that there should be at least three attempts at repairing the issue or at least one attempt to correct a problem that could result in a deadly or significant injury if something were to happen to the vehicle.

Contact Lemon Law America for more information about filing a claim.