Jefferson City MO Roof Replacement Options

by | Jun 2, 2014 | Roofing

Modern roof replacement offers energy efficient choices beyond traditional roofs. Jefferson City MO Roof Replacement businesses can guide you through the process. The best place to start is an inspection of your current roof. This gives you and the roofer a good idea of the architectural structure of the building, what type of insulation exists there now and a safe total weight capacity. Residential and commercial customers can benefit from new roofing techniques and materials.

Solar panels can be installed and can be customized to fit any size space that is available. You can add a single panel or several panels, depending on you needs and budget. These pay for themselves over time in reduced heating costs. Reflective roofing reflects the sun and lowers the surface temperature of the roof. This actually decreases the amount of heat transferred into your building. The demand for air conditioning and other cooling costs is less. The savings in this case is primarily noticed in the annual energy costs of operating your business or home.

Jefferson City MO Roof Replacement can also consist of green roofs or rooftop gardens. This option provides long term cost savings in many areas of operation. The roof components are light weight and low maintenance so up keep is less expensive. Gardens reduce storm water run off and improves air quality. A rooftop garden provides volume insulation that can drastically cut energy costs. Reduced demand for heating and cooling conserves natural and financial resources all year round.

Green roofs can be pre-assembled and occupy the entire roof surface or just a small portion of the roof. Larger gardens are great to accommodate restaurant needs for fresh herbs and produce. Smaller ones can be used on homes for personal uses and decoration. The approximate cost for green roofing is about $15-20 per square foot. Two types of green roofs are available today so you will want to consult a roofing company, such as S & K Roofing Inc, visit Facebook page for details.

Most roofing businesses offer free estimates and other services to their customers. These may include siding, windows, doors, gutters, porches and decks. Repair and maintenance on all services provided. Roof replacement is an investment so check out all your options. The increased value of your home or business will increase regardless of which type of roof you choose.

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