Junk Car Recycling in St. Charles, MN at Watson Recycling

by | Dec 31, 2013 | Recycling

If you have an old car in your yard that is inoperable and taking up room then chances are you are probably a little sick of seeing it every day. There is an option which can get it out of your way and earn you some money at the same time.

Junk car recycling is a great way to clean out your yard and feel good about helping the environment while you help your wallet too. junk car recycling in St. Charles MNis offered by Watson Recycling. If you are unable to bring your car to them, they can arrange a pick-up service for you.

Watson Recycling has 25 years of experience in the trade and are a reliable and trusted company. Their digital scales ensure you will always get paid for the full amount every time. They continue to improve and advance the technology at their locations to make them easier to use and as accurate as possible.

In addition to junk cars they also take appliances, cast iron and a full list of non-ferrous metals as well. They are sorting service for Watson’s curbside recycling. They are environmentally conscious and work to utilize all technologies which benefit the environment.

With Watson Recycling you can either bring your products to their yard, have them pick up individual large load or they can provide a container if you are scrapping out a large location or need one for a construction site. They offer multiple sizes of roll off containers from 8 yards to 40 yards. They also have secured containers for job sites which require them.

Whether you have a construction site full of debris or one junk car in your yard that needs to go, Watson can help. They will ensure you receive the best prices for everything you turn in and they will recycle it in an appropriate method to ensure the process is as earth-friendly as possible.

Contact them today if you have any questions about junk car recycling in St. Charles MN Or stop by to turn in your scrap metal and earn a little (or maybe a lot) of extra money.

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