Why Might You Need a Root Canal in Chicago, IL?

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When you have experienced damage to your tooth, it can cause structural damage and severe pain. When this type of damage occurs, many people end up needing a tooth extraction. To avoid extraction, the dentist will often recommend you have a Root Canal in Chicago, IL. This can help to save your tooth and stop the pain you are experiencing. Many people are able to avoid having an extraction through this procedure.

What Can You Expect When You Have a Root Canal?

When most people hear they need to have a root canal, they are nervous. This is often because they are not aware of what will happen during the procedure. To set your mind at ease, it can help to know exactly what to expect so you can be better prepared to have the dental work carried out on your teeth.

The first step to getting a root canal involves the dentist administering anesthetic to the area of the tooth. This prevents pain during the procedure and allows the dentist to be able to work on the tooth without you feeling pressure. Once you are completely numb, the dentist will begin the procedure.


First, an opening is created in the tooth. This opening allows the dentist to be able to remove the soft tissues of the inner tooth. During the removal process, the nerve is also removed. Once the nerve has been removed, you will no longer experience any pain from the tooth. Since the nerve is no longer needed once your adult teeth are in, removing the nerve does not cause any problems.

Once the tissue has been removed, canal files will be used to scrape the roots out, so there is no tissue left behind. If your tooth had infection, it will be packed with medication and treated before it is sealed permanently. If no infection was present, the dentist will seal the tooth with a filling. Through the Root Canal in Chicago, IL, you stand a better chance of being able to keep your tooth.

If you are in need of a root canal or another dental procedure, contact Saul Legator DDS. His office can provide you with all of the dental services you need, to keep your smile healthy.